Welcome to a world of Interlocking Paver Blocks.

As a manufacturer Pooja Industries and Pooja Marble & Granite Industries are a one stop shop for all your needs such as Interlock Paver Blocks, Granite, Marble, Kotastone, Cuddapah, Shahbad, Tandur, Dholpur Tiles, Kota Slab, Mosiac Tiles, Natural Stones, Sand, Khadi, Cement.


We are the leading manufacturer in Goa for interlocking paver's and paver blocks.


Interlocking Paver's – The Modern Choice.

The Interlocking Paver's manufactured by Pooja Industries are two identical paver's pre designed in shape to fit on any application like an easy puzzle. To “interlock” means to connect in such a way so as to restrict motion from one part of the paver to the other. Pooja Interlocking pavers are generally made from cement or concrete, and tend to imitate the effects of cobblestone pathways.

The facility that individual paver's provide of interlocking makes it very easy to install within a short period of time and without the need of using mortar.

The advantages of Pooja Industries Interlocking paver's are:

  • Stable & Durable.
  • Economical in price.
  • Flexibility of shape, size & colour.
  • Will never crack or buckle like concrete.
  • No need of Mortar (Cement & Sand paste) for fixing.
  • Self Installation possible or with minimum labour skill.
  • Interlocking paver's are designer's and architect's first choice.
  • Paver's are available in variety of designs, shapes, sizes & colours.

The applications for Pooja Industries, interlocking paver's are multiple as they have plenty of applications in the domestic and industrial scenario. Interlocking pavers are self locking and fit to perfection like a puzzle through the use of sand.

One need not use bricks and concrete any more as interlocking paver's are more strong, soothing to look at and self locking into a variety of designs and combinations.

The interlocking pavers that are designed and manufactured by Pooja Marble & Granite Industries at Plot No 3, Sancoale Industrial Estate, Zuarinagar, Goa, India are modular, meaning that they can connect together in a vast choice of geometric designs.
The pavers constructed at Pooja Industries are made from high quality poured concrete hence they are much more durable, strong and resilient than clay-baked bricks.

During the manufacturing stage, Pooja Industries add some different popular colours to make the interlocking paver look aesthetic and beautiful by giving the pavers the look of natural stone, like granite or slate.

Pooja Marble & Granite Industries have LOTS OF CHOICE OF INTER LOCK ( Paver Block) to choose from. We welcome you to use our Interlocking Paver's for patio's, driveways, side-walks, walkway, swimming pool, Garden and any other flooring applications.

Our Interlocking Paver's have latest design creations for the new style generation.

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